And so it begins...

Date:Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019
Author: Paul Maggs
Reading Time: 2 minutes
Tags: Microsoft 365
Categories: Other

And so begin my new adventures of writing down my ideas and thoughts whilst working with Office 365 and the many services and applications it provides. This is something I have been wanting to kick start for quite some time, however for the last few months the time available to do so hasn’t been there. However, that may be a good thing as I’ve been working hard to assist people and organisations realise the benefits of Office 365 and now it’s time to start sharing what’s happening in this space, and here I just may be able to provide insights that may assist you. With the amount of change that’s occurring in this space, an additional voice providing insights surely can’t hurt.

So what should you expect? I don’t want this space to become overly technical, here I want to concentrate on the people side of using technology and how it affects them. Many of the posts will be related to a topic that’s been front and center of what I am currently working on, this place will become a logbook of what I’m up to. Technology is evolving at an extremely fast pace, so this will be a great catalyst to get things started and I doubt my daily adventures will mean I’m short on ideas. Whilst this first post is written content, there will be video content in the very near future.

There are no rules on which Microsoft services and applications to include here. Many of these services and applications are intertwined and together form the basis for how people work each day. So expect SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, Stream, et al.

This place will also be a great place to work on how to quickly and efficiently extract information out of my own head. What a better way to work on this process than by repeating writing and producing content on a regular basis!

Expect cosmetic work to be completed on the site, at this stage it’s all about kicking off proceedings and getting the content out there! Excuse me whilst I get to used to creating this static webpage using hugo and atom!