Date: Monday, Mar 16, 2020
Reading time: 9 minutes.

Three years and counting: a working from home experiment

In recent weeks due to global circumstances there is much chatter surrounding the need for people to work from home and the impact this type of decision has on the ability for people to successfully complete their work within these constraints. Whilst working from home is not a new concept and many organisations allow for staff to work from locations other than their typical central office location, for many people this arrangement may be for a single day per week, less frequently, alternatively for some they make a deliberate choice to always leave home each day and be present at the office.

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Date: Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019
Reading time: 2 minutes.

And so it begins...

And so begin my new adventures of writing down my ideas and thoughts whilst working with Office 365 and the many services and applications it provides. This is something I have been wanting to kick start for quite some time, however for the last few months the time available to do so hasn’t been there. However, that may be a good thing as I’ve been working hard to assist people and organisations realise the benefits of Office 365 and now it’s time to start sharing what’s happening in this space, and here I just may be able to provide insights that may assist you.

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