Date: Saturday, Jun 13, 2020
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Microsoft 365 Updates: Intune will support iOS 14 and MacOS 10.13+, SharePoint Templates and Digest Messages, Updates to Microsoft To-Do

Key Updates and Announcements Slight change this week with the formatting of these updates, the majority of the content will focus on new feature announcements, with updates to previous announcements contained to their own section with reference URLs for more information. This streamlines the information contained here as there is no need to repeat the full update in subsequent weeks when the only change is the deployment timeline. When Microsoft announced their intention to allow self service licensing for the Power Platform there was plenty of push back from administrators who were concerned with lack of control of Microsoft 365 licensing components.

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Date: Friday, Mar 27, 2020
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Microsoft 365 Updates: Microsoft Teams multi window chat, Secure Score, Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Intune, and Outlook

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, everyone. More updates from Microsoft this week. Great news for those wanting multi window chat for Microsoft Teams, it’s on it’s way. Some tenants will start to see the functionality from early April, and the rollout will be finalised by end of May 2020. List of Updates Note: Please ensure you’re signed into your Office 365 Administration portal to access the links referenced below. Also note, some tenants may not have all the below updates currently published to them

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Date: Friday, Feb 28, 2020
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Microsoft 365 Updates: SharePoint, Azure Active Directory, Advanced Threat Protection, Teams, Office 365, and Intune

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, everyone. Microsoft have announced more updates, several of which are major and may have implications for many organisations. Microsoft is retiring basic authentication. Whilst the expected implementation time is later in the year, 13 October 2020, those still using basic authentication for Exchange Online connectivity, including EWS, EAS, IMAP, POP, and RPS, should begin planning to move away from basic authentication to OAuth 2.

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Date: Friday, Jan 10, 2020
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Microsoft 365 Updates: Findtime, Roadmap RSS, Outlook on the web, + more

Key Updates Happy Friday and welcome to the Microsoft 365 Weekly Update. Office 365 message center has seen several Updates, I’m quite interested in the following: Updated Feature: FindTime, updating back-end service: FindTime currently stores data within Azure, with the changes the scheduling information will be stored within an organisations mailbox. Here’s an overview of how FindTime currently stores data - Click here for more information New Feature: Microsoft 365 Roadmap, adding RSS feed for individual features: Due to popular demand, Microsoft are enabling the ability to track individual updates for the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

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