Date: Sunday, Dec 13, 2020
Reading time: 2 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Licensing Visualisations

Microsoft Licensing visualisations for December 2020. Licensing information based of Aaron Dinnage’s licensing information, this version provides a different style of visualisation for M365 licensing only. Aaron’s page contains more license types, more information below on how to access his Git repository. Download Microsoft 365 Licensing Visualisation : Click here to download Included License Types: Microsoft Office E3 Microsoft Office E5 Azure AD Premium P1 Azure AD Premium P2 Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 Enterprise Mobility + Security E5 Windows 10 E3 Windows 10 E5 Microsoft 365 E5 Security Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance Information Protection & Governance Insider Risk Management eDiscovery & Audit Microsoft 365 E3 Microsoft 365 E5 Additional notes:

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