Date: Thursday, Jan 7, 2021
Reading time: 6 minutes.

Restricting desktop applications with Cloud App Security conditional access

Many organisations restrict access to Office 365 services and applications from unmanaged or non-compliant endpoints through the use of Azure AD conditional access policies. In additional to these traditional conditional access policies, Cloud Apps Security (CAS) extends these capabilities with additional features, including custom block messages and custom alerts surfaced from within the CAS administration portal. CAS policies are broken down into session policies (those which affect web browser sessions) or access policies (those which affect desktop applications) and are applied to access attempts against Office 365 applications and services such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams.

Date: Sunday, Dec 13, 2020
Reading time: 8 minutes.

Using Cloud Apps Security to restrict cut, copy, paste, printing, and file downloads from non-Intune compliant endpoints

Microsoft’s Cloud Apps Security (MCAS) extends the conditional access configuration and alerting capabilities provided by Azure Active Directory. Many organisations rely on conditional access to control the devices people use to access corporate data, and in many instances to block access if devices do not meet compliance requirements. But what happens if blocking access from unmanaged devices is too restrictive? What if an organisation needs to continue to support access from these devices and can access be enabled in a secure manner?

Date: Friday, Aug 7, 2020
Reading time: 15 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: New Update to Microsoft Teams Usage Reports, Exportable Security and Compliance Reports, Microsoft Teams Lobby Changes, and Override OneDrive Expiration Policy

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, Everyone. It’s Microsoft 356 Update Time! Updated Microsoft Teams Usage Reports are landing at the end of August to align “active users” with Microsoft’s definition of “daily active users”, which they use for their financial reporting and public disclosures. Microsoft defines active users as “the maximum daily users performing an intentional action in the last 28-day period across the desktop client, mobile client and web client”.

Date: Friday, Jul 31, 2020
Reading time: 15 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: New SharePoint Migration Landing Page, Increased Document and File Limited for Advanced e Discovery, and New Outlook Android Features

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, Everyone! The weekend is nearly here, and so is the latest list of Microsoft 365 updates! New Microsoft 365 Features Note: Please ensure you’re signed into your Office 365 Administration portal to access the links referenced below. Also note, some tenants may not have all the below updates currently published to them New Feature: License request workflow Click here for more informationMC219225, Plan For Change, Published date: Jul 24, 2020

Date: Friday, Jul 24, 2020
Reading time: 16 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Call Merge is coming to Microsoft Teams, Updated TLS 1.0 and 1.1 retirement dates, Updated Record Management Behaviour, Conditional Access Enhancements, and Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Storage Compliance Enforcement

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, everyone! Microsoft Teams is getting call merge, a voice feature many people have requested, more details about the updated TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 retirement dates, and a whole bunch of more updates! Delayed and Rollout Date Change Announcements: Updated Meeting join experience for users who don’t have a meeting creation policy assigned: We originally communicated about an Updated Meeting join experience for users who don’t have a meeting creation policy assigned in MC209349 (April ‘20).

Date: Friday, Jul 10, 2020
Reading time: 8 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Microsoft Teams Collaboration Updates, Introducing Microsoft Lists, SharePoint 2010 Workflows to be retired, and General Availability of the new Yammer

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, everyone. After a busy week it’s great to be heading into the weekend for a bit of rest and relaxation! Many updates announced for Microsoft Teams, check out the link for more information about together mode, dynamic view, video filters, plus a whole lot more. Microsoft Teams Collaboration Updates img { width: 75% height: auto; border: 2px solid lightgrey; background: lightgrey; } .image-text { font-size: 12px; } .

Date: Friday, Jul 3, 2020
Reading time: 7 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Data loss prevention to be able to block new SharePoint and OneDrive files until they've been scanned, New task experience coming to Outlook on the web, and Teams large gallery view

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s this weeks Microsoft 365 updates. Microsoft Teams is set to expand the total number of video participants displays on the screen up to a maximum of 49. Whilst this may not suit all meeting types, this is a requested feature for scenarios such as education. This feature requires the new multi-window meeting experience, and requires a minimum of 10 participants with video switched on.

Date: Friday, Jun 19, 2020
Reading time: 5 minutes.

Microsoft 365 Updates: Enable Communications Site Experience on Classic Teams Sites, Retention Label Updates Applying to Exchange, New eDiscovery Features, and Outlook for Android Play my Emails

Key Updates and Announcements Happy Friday, everyone! This weeks Microsoft 365 updates. Updates this week include enabling a communications site experience on a classic teams site, visual updates for SharePoint Online lists and document management libraries, an update to retention labels applied to Exchange where deletion or retention is based off when a label was applied, and Play my Emails for Outlook on Android devices. Delayed and Rollout Date Change Announcements: